Solanki Web Marketing – An Internet Marketing Company

If you are on this page then it means that either I have applied for a job with you OR you are interested in hiring me.

Either way, you need to know what I can do. So, here are the details of everything that I do…

Proper Internet Marketing that is Gold!

I am a freelance Web Developer and SEO Consultant. I only work with Small & Medium level Businesses where I have direct communication with the decision maker.

This allows my work to be dynamic and quick. So, when I have an idea, I can run it by you with 1 or 2 emails and get it done without any back and forth drama.

Haven’t left this page yet? Good.

I help my clients get found online, increase their traffic, and get the phone ringing. I’m focused on white-hat ethical strategies.

And unlike other consultants, I don’t bill by the hour which means you never have to watch the clock, pay for change requests, or tell yourself that you blew the budget.

What Sort Of Things Do You Do?

So, I only offer 2 services:

1. Website Design & Development

If you don’t have a website. I can create it for you. If you have an old website, I can re-design it and make it mobile friendly.

You will get a clean, beautiful and systemized website. As a limited time bonus, I am also doing basic initial SEO for new websites.

2. SEO & Link Building

If you have a website but no one is visiting it. Then, I can help you to get traffic and your phone ringing.

I do total white-hat link building. It is based on Email Outreach. I help other websites and in return they link to me and my clients. Simple!

These are the links from real websites. So, they send traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Being SPAM free, there is no risk of Google penalty. I get links based on merits and those are the links that Google love.

Wait, Who Are You?

Pankaj Solanki - Solanki Web MarketingMy name is Pankaj Solanki. I’m a SEO consultant living in Jodhpur, India. I help small- and medium-sized businesses get found online. I’ve worked independently as a consultant for over 2 years.


And What’s Your Business, Exactly?

I run and manage Solanki Web Marketing. It is:

  • Transparent Company: Everything that I do is recorded in a single spreadsheet with lots of useful tabs. This is updated in real time and kept online, so can be accessed at any time to see exactly what I have been doing.
  • Small Company: Run by me, work is done by me (with the exception of a few sub contractors if required for small, specific tasks). Any questions you have, you talk to me, yep, just ME, ME, ME, ME, ME.
  • Patient Company: I pride myself on doing things the right way, the ethical way. This is marketing, and shouldn’t be rushed. I know you need to see returns (and you will), but only if I can do so by being methodical and perfect in my work. I will not rush or do things incorrectly to gain a “quick result”.
  • Educational Company: While I understand that you don’t need to know exactly what and how I do things. It makes sense that you would want to understand the motivations and ideas behind my strategies. So every Wednesday between 2-5 PM, you can give me a call and talk about anything. Marketing, whether it’s your campaign or just general ideas and casual chat. I love this part!

Okay, I want to hire you. What does your great services cost?

I knew you’d ask it, this is the awkward money talk right?

Well…. this is mostly based on individual circumstances, I have to adjust this to your site’s needs.

You won’t ever get a quote from me for less than Rs 10,000, most likely around the Rs 20,000 mark but most people start here and end up on around Rs 50,000 per month after they have seen some results and want more.

So expect to pay Rs 10,000-20,000 per month for the first 3 months or so, and then we can discuss doing a little more together.

When I write my project plans for your site, I do so for 3 months at a time. So this is my preferred agreement time, but this is not enforced by contract or anything. So if you don’t like what I do you, you can stop anytime.

And if you’re unsatisfied with for any reason, I’ll provide you with a full refund of your most recent payment.

My time is Limited…

Obviously since I do this all myself, I am limited by 24 hour days and the need to sleep, eat and socialize, so I can’t work with everybody who contacts me.

Once I reach around 7/8 selected clients, I basically have no time left for new clients.

I currently have 2 spots left. If you want one of them contact me. I’ll ask you a few questions and see if we can do something special together.

Cheers for reading!

Pankaj Solanki

PS: Free Quotations are here! (This is the most clicked link on this page, so I know you will click it 😉 )